Systems and Processes Optimization

Systems and processes optimization mainly refers to two problems: optimal design, in which we search for design parameters, and optimal operation, where we should determine operating conditions. In both cases it is desired to maximize a performance criteria (e.g. net present value, internal rate of return, production, among others) while honoring constraints on the inputs, outputs and system/process dynamics. Optimal solutions (design or operation) are preferred because, depending on the particular criteria, they achieve better economic results or more efficient use of the resources.

In PHYSEIR we have developed methodologies for the optimal design or optimal operation of processes with complex dynamics (e.g. oil recovery methods, artificial lift systems, power systems, petrochemical processes) and subject to uncertainty.

We are also ready to formulate and solve problems of optimal design or optimal operation in our areas of expertise, and develop the corresponding software. In particular, we are capable of, among others services:

Developing optimal operation strategies for oil recovery, petrochemical, oil refining and oil upgrading processes.

Optimization of electric power systems.

Optimization of oil artificial lift systems.