Signal Analysis and Processing

Signal analysis and processing have a wide range of applications in areas such as biomedical engineering, wireless communication, control systems, agriculture, finance and seismology, among many others. In each of these applications it is generally required to develop devices for measuring the signals, according to the power and frequency, and algorithms for extracting and interpreting particular signal features.

We have developed technologies (devices and/or software) for a variety of applications like interference hunting in wireless communications and use of the Biospeckle method, among others. In PHYSEIR we are capable of developing techniques for signal analysis and processing in different areas.

Some other services we can provide in this area include.

Design of firmware for specific applications.

Signals and images analysis and engineering.

Design of specific Biospeckle applications.

Design of prototypes for signal and data acquisition for specific applications (e.g. tiflotechnology systems and devices, educational laboratory systems and devices, among others).