Power Electronics

Power electronics involves the application of analog and digital electronics for the control and conversion of electric power. As a result, power electronics is a multidisciplinary subject since it combines power systems and electric machines, analog and digital electronic devices and circuits, and digital controllers, and areas such as electric circuits, systems and control, solid state physics, signal processing and electromagnetism. The development of power electronics has been extremely important, due to its numerous applications in equipment for speed control in DC and AC motors, electric generators (including eolian and solar), inverters, UPS, robotics, electric vehicles, ballasts for led lightning, appliances, among many others.

In PHYSEIR we have designed and built electric drives for speed control of DC and AC motors and robots, among others. In addition we are currently working in the design of single-phase and three-phase converters and electric vehicles, and the development of long-life ballasts for led lamps and luminaries, and equipment for maximum power transfer in solar panels. We are committed with the development of equipment with high efficiency, to reduce energy waste thus reducing electricity costs, and compliant with standards associated to harmonic reduction in electrical networks, power factor, security and electromagnetic compatibility.