Oil & Gas

In a decade ahead the worldwide energy consumption is expected to grow 35%, with about half of that demand being fulfilled by oil and gas. In a low oil price scenario, petroleum companies face a continuous challenge of improving the recovery factor in a cost-effective manner..

Some key tasks for overcoming this challenge are: developing effective exploitation plans for oil and gas fields, optimizing the design and/or the operating schedule of enhanced oil recovery methods, monitoring and controlling artificial lift systems and improving the quality of reservoir models.

Some of our recent works in this area include:

Optimal design of hydraulic fracturing treatments.

A low-cost bottomhole electric heater for heavy/extra-heavy oil recovery.

Optimal operation schedule of oil recovery processes.

Electromagnetic characterization of heavy oil.

Virtual metering of oil producer wells.

Prediction of hydrocarbon recovery factor in GOM reservoirs.

Efficient reservoir history matching.

Tight gas reservoir modeling and characterization.

Modeling of reservoir fracture network responses to water injection.

Integrated production modeling for CGS forecasting and optimization.