Microwave and RF Engineering

In the last two or three decades we have witnessed the accelerated progress in telecommunications. From common and widely used technology such as cell phones and internet, to more advanced applications like remote surgery and spacecrafts, it is present in our everyday lives, and many people do not even realize it. RF and microwave engineering are the disciplines behind this development, since they have been responsible for the innovations in antennas, circuits and devices, among others.

In PHYSEIR we have developed antennas for a variety of applications. We have also developed microwave devices for electromagnetic characterization of materials, especially oil since this is necessary to design some thermal recovery methods.

  Some services we are capable of carrying out in this area are:

Analysis, simulation and optimal design of antennas

Development of antenna prototypes for specific applications

Design, simulation and analysis of devices and circuits (e.g. filters, circulators, adapters, among others) for specific applications

Design of microwave devices for thermal recovery of heavy oil

Design, planning and optimization of telecommunication networks for various applications and industries (Mobile Operators, Oil & Gas, Mining, Utility)

Electromagnetic characterization of materials