Electrical Engineering

The demand for electric energy is constantly growing, but power systems cannot be built at the same rate. A short term strategy for fulfilling such increase in the demand should include (i) optimizing the operation of the system, which is a complex problem because of its nonlinear and multi-objective nature, large number of variables and unpredictable variations in operating conditions, and (ii) minimizing faults occurrence and duration, which requires planning of maintenance and the use of devices for control, protection and supervision.

In PHYSEIR we have developed prototypes of electronic devices for control, protection and measurement of electric variables. We have also developed high voltage laboratories for component testing, and analysis and training on power systems, and Ulbricht spheres for certification of lights. In addition, as a contribution for reducing electric consumption, we have developed prototypes of led lights and efficient appliances. We are also capable of developing software for calculation, analysis and design of power systems.

Some other services we can provide in this area include, but are not limited:

Analysis and design of grounding systems for specific applications.

Analysis and design of protection systems against discharges for specific applications.

Fault analysis and forensic engineering in power systems constituents, such as: substations, power plants, transmission lines, among others.

Design of prototypes of protection and measurement devices.