Automation & Control

Correct practices in the design and implementation of control and automation systems, is critical for achieving satisfactory performance in production processes and dynamic systems in general. However, nowadays the demand is not only to attain the desired performance, but do so with the smallest possible spending of energy and resources. Hence, in some cases it should be considered to use advanced control strategies to solve the problem at hand.

We have carried out the design of advanced control approaches (multivariable, optimal, predictive, adaptive) for processes with complex dynamics (e.g. petrochemical processes, petroleum production systems, power systems). Similarly, we have designed classical controllers (e.g. PID) using systematic methods. In addition, we have carried out the digital implementation of control algorithms for processes of different dynamics using PLCs and/or distributed control systems. Besides the aforementioned services, in PHYSEIR we are capable of:

Improving the performance of existent control loops.

Developing remote supervision systems for processes.

Integration of control systems from different manufacturers, using communication protocols such as Modbus RS485, RS232 y TCP/IP, among others.

Migration of plant control systems to another technology.

Developing embedded control systems using open source software (e.g. drones, industrial robots, submarines).

Designing robotic systems for various applications and industries.