About us

PHYSEIR (Physics, Engineering, Innovation and Research) is a new engineering company integrated by a talented group of engineers and physicists capable of carrying out high quality applied research and consulting, to offer our clients customized effective and innovative solutions (methodologies, algorithms, software and devices/prototypes, among others) to complex engineering problems, and specialized services. We also offer training courses or programs designed to meet specific needs or requirements. Our main areas of expertise are radiofrequency and microwave engineering, process control and automation, system and process optimization, signal analysis and processing and electrical engineering.

Our team members have a solid education and outstanding careers, some as professional engineers and other as professors and researchers. Precisely, the quality of our personnel is the main strength of PHYSEIR, due to up-to-date knowledge in their fields and broad experience (technical, engineering and research projects, teaching academic and technical courses).


These are our latest projects

  • Development of a parallel submarine robot

  • SCARA robotic arm with three degrees of freedom and artificial vision

  • Electronic card and a web app for bidirectional measurement of electric energy

  • Electronic bracelet for wireless control of a bridge crane using myoelectric signals

  • Design and construction of a low cost ball and beam

  • Implementation of advanced schemes for real time control of petrochemical processes

  • Update/replacement/integration of control systems in chemical plants

  • Protection of fuel storage tanks against atmospheric discharges in an electric plant

  • Sensor for detecting atmospheric discharges in tropical zones

  • Technical, economic and environmental feasibility of implementing LED lighting systems in Venezuela

  • Feasibility study for the design of a hybrid electric generation system for Zapara island in Venezuela

  • Transverse electromagnetic (TEM) cell for testing electromagnetic compatibility in electric and electronic equipments

  • Antenna for measuring electromagnetic fields on the L and S microwave bands

  • Low cost antenna array for educational purposes

  • Relationship between electric permittivity and heavy oil viscosity for recovery using microwave heating

  • Electromagnetic characterization of heavy oil samples from Tia Juana field, Zulia state, Venezuela

  • Prototype of a low cost bottomhole electric heater for heavy and extraheavy oil

  • Simulation of the 3D propagation of electromagnetic waves in closed spaces using PML absorbers boundaries

  • Arduino-based system for control of three-phase AC and DC motors

  • Microcontroller-based device for speed control of three-phase induction motors

  • Software for the conversion of images to sound signals

  • Fast speckle analysis for detection of bumps in apples

  • Strategy for finding the optimal operation schedule of an oil recovery process